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We have two primary reputation management goals. One is to deliver actionable, constructive evaluations of a hotel's online reputation. The other is to garner positive guest feedback online. The response strategies we prepare are based on tension points determined through analysis of guest experiences. We perpetually review cross-platform digital mentions and respond to them in real time, using tools such as Revinate. 



By maintaining a generally digital focus, we cost-effectively increase recognition of hotel properties and their brands. Our marketing strategy encompasses opportunities such as email marketing, pay-per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. We utilize highly segmented local audience targeting. VIMCO marketing services cover all aspects of public relations management not covered in our reputation management services.  



We handle brand support from the pre-opening stage onward. VIMCO's capabilities include physical and digital brand collateral design, collateral production, and distribution and logistics. 




VIMCO is well-versed in pre-opening operations and procedures. We prepare thorough project timelines and carry out all project action plans. Our approach to finance, payroll, and documentation concerns, such as pre-opening budgets, is comprehensive, detailed, and mindful of each hotel's specific circumstances. In the human resources space, we ensure that all levels of personnel are totally prepared for opening. In the digital sphere, we develop public relations, build web infrastructures, and lay SEO foundations.  



The VIMCO approach to revenue management involves tailoring revenue plans to the needs of each and every hotel. Understanding a hotel's unique qualities is key to efficient revenue strategy. We never generalize when developing revenue plans: we obsessively analyze factors like local market, performance history, hotel structure, and upcoming market shifts. Of course, we also solicit input from the owners and managers of our managed properties. Their insight is invaluable. Our primary revenue management technology of choice is Revcaster.



VIMCO provides full financial and accounting services. With our Oracle-based, centralized accounting package, we handle all aspects of statistical and financial reporting. Our staff of experienced accountants, combined with strong internal controls, work to ensure that properties operate cost-effectively and profitably. Using centralized accounting services and uniform procedures, we improve cash flow and timely reporting for each operator. We also assist company office management in closely monitoring each property’s operations.



To VIMCO, the ultimate purpose of sales in hospitality is maximizing the outreach of business and generating profits. Our programs in internet marketing, revenue management, and more enable hotels to obtain maximum market share and revenue. Our associates oversee the sales activities of all properties and assist in training sales professionals. Their activity covers anything from making sales calls to developing complex marketing programs. 



We provide direction in the areas of compensation, benefits, training and development. Human resources management in hospitality requires a special set of abilities. As hotel owners and managers, we know what to look for when recruiting. We use tried-and-true methods to select the best-equipped and most skilled candidate for every role. We aim to create a positive working environment in which our associates are always prepared and can constantly learn and grow. 



We standardize operations and procedures to quickly realize hotels' potential. Properties managed by VIMCO have a proven track record of success. We constantly monitor our properties and perform analytical reviews to ensure maximum revenue and control over costs.  Clean, friendly, and well-maintained properties are necessary to positive guest experiences, and positive guest experiences are non-optional.  



The technological solutions we provide simplify property owners' roles and improve operational efficiency. Our technological resources include a property management system (PMS), global distribution system interfaces, Internet distribution system interfaces, website hosting, booking services, and central reservations services. Through our PMS, we address the challenges property owners face in all aspects of operations.